Hip Hop All Star Review: Frick, Frick, Fresh

I-Play released Hip Hop All Star for the iPhone, a rhythm game in where you play as the DJ.  It’s a lot more like Activision’s DJ Hero, and it’s a different type of rhythm game we’ve never seen before.  Sure we’ve seen this attempted and failed by Gameloft’s DJ Mix Tour, and Hip Hop All Star seems to improve on that idea to create quite an experience.


Graphics: The graphics for this game are quite nicely done, and I couldn’t help but feel the thoroughness in design.  The whole “gangster/hip hop” theme was well implemented into the game, and the overall look was well-designed.  The button design could have been a little bit better, but overall a well-laid out game.

Song Selection: The game features many songs to chose from, and while I’m not a hip hop fan myself, the song selection was pretty extensive.  Hip hop fans should be able to headbang to these rhythmic songs, and while there isn’t T-Pain or Taylor Swift on here, it should be enough for casual fans.

Scratch Mode: Now this is really cool.  Sure it’s a bit random, and all you have to really do is scratch as fast as you can, but it sure is a lot better than just the average 8X multiplier.  Hip Hop All Star did a great job adding a few twists in here and there, and scratch mode just seems to be one of them.  It’s really nice to see I-Play taking a different route for DJ and rhythm games.


Uhh… What?: While you’re playing the song, it’s really hard to hear the song itself.  You’ll be listening to the crowd cheering and your CD scratching, but the song itself is somewhat hard to hear.  It seems to sound more droned out than anything, and while it’s not too soft, it’s not perfect.  It would have been nice to turn up the song volume just a tad bit.

A Little Easy: Being a Guitar Hero fan myself, rhythm games on the iPhone have not proven to be very challenging (except for BeatRider Touch).  Hip Hop All Star just happens to fall into the 95% of iPhone rhythm games that aren’t challenging enough, and the pacing was also a little slow.  Adding a hard level of difficulty or something similar would have been a nice improvement to this game.

Hip Hop All Star sure is fresh, and if you’re a hip hop fan at all, you should definitely check this one out.  While it does have its flaws, the overall game was pretty solid.  I’m not a big hip hop fan myself, but Hip Hop All Star surprisingly dragged me into its gameplay.  The game itself was a little bit easy, but casual gamers should feel at home with this solid DJ rhythm game.


Hip Hop All Star was developed by I-Play, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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  1. This is great for all the DJ wanna bes – not a hip hop fan though – so I wouldn’t buy this game. The game looks good though, nice graphics.

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