Play Marbles Review: Wanna See My Collection?

Darkside Entertainment has finally brought a playable marble game to the iPhone, and if you were present before video games, you know exactly what the game Marbles is.  Shoot the marble and try to push as many marbles out of the ring; it’s as simple as that.  I absolutely loved playing this game when I was younger, and the iPhone itineration successfully recreates that experience.


Visuals: Graphics and overall game design is more than I could ever ask for, and the marble graphics are very well done.  I found the overall look and feel of the game to be fantastic, and Darkside Entertainment did a great job recreating the overall atmosphere.

Gameplay Modes: With 3 gameplay modes along with local multiplayer, Play Marbles is far from lacking in content.  The career mode is reasonably long along with quick play mode and tournament mode.  If you want to play against a friend, there is a pass and play mode you can use.  While it would have been nice to include WiFi multiplayer, the pass and play is more than enough to create an enjoyable experience.

Successfully Recreated: If I already stated this, I’ll state it again.  Darkside Entertainment did a great job with creating the atmosphere in this game, and I really don’t know how they did it.  The different marble designs along with the eye-popping visuals may be the reason, and the experience is more than I could ever ask for.  It’s really well made, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

Tons of Marbles: There are tons of marble sets to unlock with more to come.  I’ve never really had so many marbles at one time and all in my pocket, and the inclusion of this “collect as you go” type of system works extremely well.  There are many marble sets already unlocked for you along with more you can unlock by either visiting the online store, sending a referral to your friend, and much more.


Frequent Loading Times: To quit a game and go to the main menu, you need to get past a loading ring.  This loading ring appears almost all the time, and it would have been nice if the developer did away with that.  I’m sure most games have that ring running in the background and not actually showing it, and the loading ring somewhat ruins the gaming experience.  It felt like there were way too many loading times, and some people may not be too happy with that.

I found Play Marbles to be quite an experience, and while it may be for the more nostalgic people, Play Marbles is a game that delivers to even people who have never even heard of marbles.  While the loading times do get quite frustrating and annoying at times, the game itself is well made and well executed.  Visuals are some of the best you’ll ever see, and Play Marbles successfully recreates that playground environment.


Play Marbles was developed by Darkside Entertainment, and I played through version 1.2 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $1.99.



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