Dots Review: Mighty Cute, Mighty Difficult

Cobra Mobile has been one of the more emerging developers in the App Store, and many of their games have received critical acclaim like Bomber.  While a developer has their ups, they also have their downs just like the rest of the people in the world.  Dots seems to be one of their downs, and while it’s totally understandable, the game itself is just way too difficult to get hooked onto.


Presentation: Presentation is very well done, and it would have played phenomenally if it looked how it played.  The comic strips before a level is very well done, and the whole cartoony look and feel is extremely well implemented.  I have no complaints whatsoever with how the game looks, and Cobra Mobile did a great job with the artwork.

More than One Profile: This is a feature not present in many iPhone games, and it’s great to see Cobra Mobile implement it here.  Do you have a brother who wants to play?  Just create another profile for him and he’ll start playing the game without messing up your progress or your “5-in-a-row gold medal” streak.  It’s really nice to see that Dots is a lot more user friendly than other games.


Unresponsive: The gameplay area is extremely unresponsive when it comes to drawing lines to get to your destination.  When moving my finger up, the line would not go up but would go left and right, causing me to lose some of my precious turns.  When a game like this requires precision, the controls must reflect this precision.  Unfortunately, these unresponsive controls won’t do as they aren’t the best option for most.

Difficulty: I just found this game way too difficult.  It may just be me and how retarded I am at puzzles, but Dots is probably one of the most difficult puzzle games I have ever played.  The first level right off the bat had me frustrated, and it even gave me thoughts of just deleting the game once and for all.  It’s really unnecessary to have such a high difficulty level when the average iPhone user would love a nice and easy puzzle atmosphere.

I could probably go on with the dislikes I have with this game, and Dots is really just way too difficult.  I cannot stress enough how difficulty will result in a loss of sales along with bad reviews.  For now, Dots is worth a look to those hardcore puzzle fans out there, but for the most part, Dots is desperately in need of an update.  With such a poor execution, Dots is very hard to recommend from me.


Dots was developed by Cobra Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $1.99.



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