Hands-On With Swingaling

You’ll know them for the side-scroller Sparta and their recently released game Champion Archer, but I’m here to embark on a new game.  Pocket Monkey Games gave me the privilege to play one of their upcoming games called Swingaling, a game that takes the Rope N’ Fly formula to a whole new level.  Seriously though, I must say this has to be Pocket Monkey’s most addictive game yet.

In Swingaling, you’re a small but cute monkey swinging through the branches and vines and trying to travel as far as possible.  By tapping on the location you want to go, the monkey will shoot out a vine and start swinging on the designated area.  But that’s not all, there are some jungle baddies you must avoid including flying snakes and other evil creatures of the dark.

One feature that really stood out to me is OpenFeint.  This is a feature that has never been present in Sparta, and it seems like a whole new gig for Pocket Monkey Games.  The game features online highscores for the best swinger along with some achievements and all that great stuff OpenFeint brings.  I was greatly surprised with what Pocket Monkey Games decided to add, and it’s wonderful for us because you know what they say: “The more the merrier”.

Overall, Swingaling was an interesting experience that I quite enjoyed.  While the controls were a little hard to get used to, the artwork and gameplay is wonderful for those looking for a “quick bite”.  With a few touches here and there, Swingaling can be something quite big, and OpenFeint is a great way to show online highscores and achievements.

Oh and by the way, I absolutely love the new logo.

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