Real Football 2010 Review: GOOOOALLLL!

You know those moments when you’re playing the last seconds of the game down by one score.  Then you score within seconds of the game and the crowd just starts to go wild.  You’re screaming up and down and shaking your best buddy that’s standing innocently right next to you along with creating quite havoc in the household.

Real Football 2010 successfully recreates that experience with much improved AI and controls, and the game experience was a lot better than X2 Football in my honest opinion.  The sequel is more than I could ever ask for, and like the previous, I can’t help but notice the completeness of Real Football 2010.


Graphics: Graphics have been greatly improved to look a lot better than the 2009 version.  While they’re still a tad bit less impressive than X2 Football, the graphics are still noticeably better than most.  I was impressed with the improvement, and some people may not even be able to tell the difference between X2 and Real Football.

Controls: If you didn’t like the controls in 2009, the controls in 2010 have been greatly improved to include a joystick along with a much improved d-pad control scheme.  While the d-pad controls seem to be a little bit more natural, the joystick controls also work surprisingly well.  The controls have been greatly improved and is very noticeable when comparing to the first version of the game.

Content: Like the previous, Real Football 2010 features tons of content including league play, cups, and others.  The content available should last the average gamer atleast 10-15 hours to beat all the cups and leagues along with an exhibition mode for those who want to play a quick game.  I couldn’t help but feel the completeness in the overall game.


Broken Online Multiplayer: Online multiplayer just doesn’t work.  While it is okay, the lag basically becomes unbearable, and I can’t see myself playing more than one game on the online mode.  The lag is extremely bad, and it’s really something that should be improved.  US game servers are usually a lot more faster than other countries, so if you live somewhere besides the US, it’ll be quite frustrating to see how much lag you experience.

Inaccurate Names: While I’m not a huge soccer fan (watching only the World Cup), I did notice that some names were out of place in league play.  This is not acceptable considering there are some hardcore soccer fans out there that are dying to play a player.  This inaccurate name displaying should not be present in a game such as this and should be fixed in an upcoming update.

While I didn’t feel Real Football 2010 to be a must have football experience, it’s still very well done.  The improvements made to the AI and controls are definitely noticeable, and the new features are also very welcome.  It’s nice to see the creative new features added to the 2010 version, and it’s definitely a lot better than X2 Football in my opinion.  There are some issues with online multiplayer and the inaccurate displaying of names, but other than that, Real Football is a pretty solid football experience all around.


Real Football 2010 was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.9 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $6.99.

* Please note that “football” is referring to the sport of soccer, not American football.



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