Brain Challenge 2 Review: Let’s Take It Up A Notch

Gameloft has been hot, hot, hot when it comes to releases, and recently they’ve been releasing one game after another.  With so many games being produced all at once, it’s hard to get every single one of them right.  While all of their recent games have received some pretty high awards from us, will Brain Challenge 2 be the weakest link?


Graphics: The graphics have been completely redone to feature some awesome 3D graphics along with some other great looking artwork.  The most noticeable feature in almost all sequels is the look and design, and Gameloft did a great job nailing the user interface and the overall look and feel of the game.  If you’ve played Brain Challenge before, the interface and graphics have been greatly improved.

Customization: A feature that wasn’t present in the other version was making your own character.  The character customization couldn’t help but remind me of when creating your character on the Nintendo Wii, which is a very good thing considering the fact that there are so many customization options available.  While the Brain Challenge 2 version’s customization is not as extensive as the Wii, there are enough options to make the ugliest character available to man or a character that looks very similar to you.

Greatly Improved: The overall game has been improved tremendously, and I must commend Gameloft for creating such a great game.  It’s extremely hard for developers to come up with new ideas and features for a sequel, but Gameloft seemed to add things that were just out of the box.  If you liked Brain Challenge 1, you’ll be blown away by the sequel.


Difficult: As the game progresses (maybe using 50% of your brain), it’ll start to get way too difficult.  I found this problem in the previous version, and there’s really no other way to scoot around it.  It would have been nice though to include some sort of slower difficulty ramping so that a person can actually reach 100%.  But of course, you’ll be playing for 5-6 hours before you reach that 50% stage anyways.

Puzzles: While the puzzles are represented differently, I really didn’t feel that they were all that different from the previous version.  Sure they look a little different along with some new names, but the basic core of all these puzzles are the same.  One may argue that they are all in the same category, etc., but it would have been nice to include some new puzzles and a more of an “all new” experience when it comes to gameplay.

Brain Challenge 2 is a successful sequel that absolutely blew away my mind in terms of graphics and presentation.  The look and feel of this game is absolutely wonderful, and the puzzles aren’t that bad at all.  If you’ve never played Brain Challenge before, Brain Challenge 2 is a great place to start.  If you have played Brain Challenge before, the sequel is definitely good enough to shell out another $4.99.  While it wasn’t quite a must have experience for me, the game itself is very much a buy for fans of the series.


Brain Challenge 2 was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.7 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $4.99.



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