Wriggle Review: A Puzzler to Make You Squirm

Wriggle is a very cute looking puzzler where you must free the blue worm by getting it to each puzzle’s exit in as few moves as possible.  The game itself is full of charm that belies the difficulty you will find in the game’s 80 puzzles which range in difficulty from easy to expert.


Graphics and Sounds: The graphics are simple, colourful, and full of cute charm.  Everything from the menus, puzzle navigation panel, to the display of earned achievements fits this theme.  Simple, unobtrusive circles appear at the heads or tails of each worm that can make a move.  The puzzle screen clearly shows the current number of moves you’ve made and the par you need to meet or beat.  The background music and sound effects are, like the graphics, simple and charming.  You can listen to your own music  should you choose and turn off music and sound effects separately according to your preference.

Navigation: The game makes itself exceedingly easy to use.  It is easy to undo a single move or reset a puzzle if you’ve made a mistake.  Getting frustrated and want to try another puzzle?  No problem.  Had a sudden burst of insight about a previous puzzle you silver medaled instead of getting the gold?  No problem.  You can go from one puzzle to another from the puzzle screen or use the puzzle navigation panel and scroll through all of the unlocked puzzles you have access to and easily see which ones you’ve earned gold or silver medals on.

Achievements: There are acheivements for completing puzzles and others for getting gold medals.  You earns golds by meeting or beating the par number of moves, and will receive a silver for solving the puzzle but exceeding par.  Your achievements are displayed in a nice trophy rack area in the game so you can see exactly what you’ve earned and what lies ahead.

Puzzles: The puzzles are another area where Wriggle shines.  The difficulty progresses nicely and you must solve at least 50% of the current difficulty’s puzzles to unlock the next difficulty.  I really like that you have to prove yourself in this way in order to earn your way to the next.  Variety is another standout with the puzzles.  At each difficulty, you’ll face a wide variety of layouts.  Some puzzles have four different worms, others 2 or 3, while some just have the blue worm.  Deceptively simple in appearance, but these puzzles can really have you stumped especially if you’re trying to get that gold medal.


Tutorial:  My problem is not with the tutorial, but with exiting it.  If you accidentally enter the tutorial, you have to complete it again versus immediately being able to exit out of it.  Granted it probably takes around 30 seconds or so to get through it; I would rather just be able to immediately exit it.

Overall, I found this to be a very fun, cute, and challenging puzzle game.  The inclusion of achievements definitely added to the challenge and desire to make sure you’ve gold medaled each level.  With 80 puzzles and the hard and expert difficulty levels there will be plenty here to keep puzzle fans entertained.


Wriggle was developed by Conlan Rios and is available for $0.99.  I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3G.



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