Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem Review: Robot + Apocalypse = Awesome

Vogster Entertainment originally released Robocalypse for the DS, then decided to start porting it over to the iPhone.  As most users know, most iPhone ports don’t fair too well by either failing in controls or just poorly designed.  Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem takes all these factors and slaps them sideways, providing a wonderful RTS experience you shouldn’t miss.


Worms of RTS: Like Worms is to turn-based artillery games, Robocalypse is to real-time strategy games.  The comic relief is definitely present, and the game had me laughing more than I wanted to.  The cute voiceovers and funny phrases along with a great presentation take Robocalypse to a very high level.

User Interface: The button design for this game is absolutely genius, and I really enjoyed the touch feedback/highlight that the buttons provided when tapping them.  Robocalypse is just one of those games where you want to touch the button and see it glow; the user interface is just that beautiful.  The nice and large buttons are great improvements to the other user interfaces in the App Store, and I must say that this is probably contains one of the best UI in the App Store (aside from Facebook 3.0).

This Is Real: This is a true RTS, and it is also one of the best I have ever encountered in the App Store.  The strategy is definitely present, and you’ll find yourself failing the mission and trying again.  The heroes and the non-ability to move your soldiers creates some great strategic fun along with offensive and defensive points you can set up.  I found the gameplay pacing to also be perfect, and it wasn’t too slow or too fast for those that have had those experiences when RTSs ran a little too fast.

Online/Skirmish: The online multiplayer, although in beta, is a great inclusion to this game.  While I have yet to find a player, it’s totally understandable (although it would have been nice if it was not in beta).  There is also a skirmish mode in online mode where you can play against the AI offline of course.  I have yet to encounter a RTS that provides a skirmish mode (except for maybe Quantum Collapse), and these features make this game feel so complete.

Achievements: The achievements in this game are plenty, raising from bronze to silver to gold.  You have 6 or 7 bronze awards you must achieve to upgrade to silver, then 6 or 7 silver to upgrade to gold.  In total, there are around 18 or so achievements, and while the bronze awards are quite easy to unlock, the silver and gold awards are far more difficult.  This achievement system is very unique, and I absolutely love it.  It makes it so that casual gamers can unlock atleast some achievements and also makes it so that the hardcore gamers still have some difficult achievements to achieve.


No Autosave: While this isn’t as much of a problem as it was in Pandorum, I still believe that games that contain long missions should include autosave.  A tip in the game says that if you get interrupted, your progress will not be saved until you finish the mission.  So for example, if you are in the middle of mission 7 and receive a phone call, you must decline it so that your progress does not get lost.  Personally, I think that’s the most retarded advice a game could give as we all have important phone calls to receive, etc.

A Little Cluttered: When playing the game, there is a bar on the left or right hand side of the screen that shows the number of robots in use, the maximum number of robots, and the types.  It also serves as a means to pause the game by sliding up.  While this bar was helpful, it would have been nice if it wasn’t so big, or maybe even the option to remove it from the screen.  I felt that this bar took up way too much space on the screen, making the actual gameplay screen feel a little bit cluttered.

Robocalypse is a very solid RTS that is an absolute steal for $4.99.  If you’re a fan of real-time strategy games at all, Robocalypse is the game you’ll definitely want to look into.  I was blown away by the completeness of this game, and while they did ignore some iPhone features like autosave, the game itself is an absolute blast to play.  The numerous enemies along with the numerous robots to choose from make Robocalypse the king of RTS until another worthy competitor comes and dethrones it.  But for now, I suggest you go and grab the game.


Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem was developed by Vogster Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $4.99, and there is a lite version to try before you buy.



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