Underground Review: A Relaxing Shooter

Chillingo recently released a new kind of side-scrolling shooter called Underground.  We previewed Underground a while back and included a video trailer.  When I first saw the video trailer, I wasn’t that impressed with the game.  However, now that I have had some time to really play Underground, it has become one of my favorite relaxing games on my iPod.  It is hard to explain what makes Underground so enjoyable, but I will do my best.


Soundtrack: The soundtrack is so well done.  Not only does it match the look and feel of the game, but it actually doesn’t make me want to immediately go to my own music.  Most games seem to really overlook the soundtrack, so it is really nice to get a good soundtrack for a change!

Artwork: The artwork throughout Underground is very well done.  It is consistent, fits the gameplay, and is completely unique.  This is just one of those games that fits into the artsy category.  Even the intro screens, loading screens, and transitions look good.  I would even say that this is the one of the best artistic game on my iPod.

Relaxing Feel: I have been growing tired of only having either fast-paced action games or puzzle games on my iPod.  Sometimes I like to play my iPod as I wind down, and I can’t find a good game  to play because I don’t feel like a puzzle or a fast-paced game.  Underground is a great game to fit in between these two other types of games.

The Tilt Controls Work: This is one of the first games that I have actually enjoyed playing using tilt (or accelerometer) controls.  The controls are responsive and have the perfect sensitivity balance.  It fits perfectly with the relaxing feel of Underground.


Upgrades Don’t Last: I wish the upgrades that you pick up throughout the levels lasted a little longer.  As it is right now, the upgrades only last for a few seconds at a time.  I seem to prefer games that keep upgrades longer but make the enemies tougher to kill as you progress.

Underground is a new take on a crowded genre (side-scrolling shooters).  The more I played Underground, the more I enjoyed it (which is a good sign for those of you on the fence).  I think overall Underground is a solid buy.  If you would like to have a game with a great soundtrack, great visuals, and enjoyable gameplay, you don’t need to look any further.


Underground was developed by Chillingo, and I played through version 1.0 on my 2nd Generation iPod Touch.  The price is $3.99.




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