Hybrid: Eternal Whisper Review: No Pain, Yet Huge Gain

Gamevil has been becoming hotter and hotter in terms of game releases after their success with Baseball Superstars 2009 and Zenonia.  Hybrid: Eternal Whisper was released not to long ago along with Baseball Superstars 2010, and both seem to be variants of their previous games.  While Hybrid: Eternal Whisper contains those RPG elements, don’t expect a Zenonia from this one; the game is surprisingly different from anything I’ve ever seen.  You’ll get those moments where you sit in awe and wonder, and for most fans of action games, Hybrid: Eternal Whisper won’t fail to meet your expectations.


Animations: Animations are very fluid when it comes to battling out enemies and executing a combo attack.  Magical attacks are also very well done, and playing the game felt like watching a movie even on my 1st generation iPhone.  I’ve found that the particle effects and the pixelated graphics were actually a very big up for me, and Hybrid: Eternal Whisper definitely has what it takes to compete with the more graphically impressive games.

Enemy Variety: There are so many enemies in this game that it’s hard to keep track.  While some are just varied versions of the other, the sheer number of enemies is overwhelming.  You’ll be confronted with new monsters in almost every level, and the detail that went into designing all of these characters is just amazing.

Content: This wasn’t a problem in Zenonia or Baseball Superstars 2009, and it’s definitely not a problem in Hybrid: Eternal Whisper.  With 100s of levels to play along with a battle mode and thousands of weapons, it’ll be hard not to get your money’s worth out of this game.  I’ll be surprised if anyone beats this game in under 10 hours as I have been unsuccessful in completing the game after hours and hours of game time.

Graphics: The pixelated graphics work very well in this game, and while some may not be a fan of the “retro” look, I personally just love it.  Once in a while, a non-3D game is just fine for me if the designs are executed well, and Hybrid: Eternal Whisper seems to sit quite comfortably on the first page of my iPhone.  The drawings and graphics aren’t as detailed as let’s say Modern Combat, but the overall design was well executed and well laid out to look the best it can be.


Spell Execution: Executing spells was a really hard thing to get a hang of, and I would find myself casting the wrong spell because of the unresponsiveness.  It was also a little awkward to draw a line or swipe from corner to corner while pressing the attack button, and the spell execution definitely needs some work.  While I can’t quite come up with a different way, the current method is a little to unresponsive for my tastes.

Hybrid: Eternal Whisper is one of the most complete games I have encountered (excluding iBlast Moki).  The RPG elements in Hybrid: Eternal Whisper isn’t all that strong, but it’s definitely not a bad thing.  This game will remind you of Ninety-Nine Nights for the Xbox 360 without the graphical looks of course.  The combinations were very extensive, and while spell execution was a little iffy, the game as a whole was more than I could ever ask for.


Hybrid: Eternal Whisper was developed by Gamevil, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $5.99.



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  1. I’ve never played this game but this post really did caught my attention. With the rising of 3d Engine power, i would have to agree that sometimes its good to go back to the retro look of the game yet advance feel of it. You know what, i would have to try this one out after doing this comment. Thanks

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