Ego City Invasion Review: Stand Your Ground Soldier!

Punch Entertainment is best known for their TBS (turn-based strategy) games Reign of Swords and Reign of Swords II.  Well it seems like they strayed away from strategy games with their new game Ego City Invasion: a bloody castle defense game that stands high and proud next to some of my other quite violent games.

In Ego City Invasion, you are a soldier protecting the wall.  Control your soldier by tilting your device, and tap the screen to fire an exploding missile.  Enemies will come at you in hordes, and once the game progresses, more monsters will start to appear.  Basically, stay alive as long as possible and achieve the ultimate score.


Artwork: I am a huge fan of the artwork in Ego City Invasion, and it’s really well designed.  I’ve seen some other great artwork in other games, but I never quite liked them as much as I did with that of Ego City Invasion.  It’s definitely a huge jump from Reign of Swords to Ego City, and the art style is basically on opposite sides of the spectrum.  I really don’t know how they do it, but Punch Entertainment has managed to draw out a beautiful game.

Controls: When a game that’s not racing is accelerometer controlled, we start to get a little hesitant.  Personally, accelerometer controls have never worked quite well in non-racing games, and this may be due to the fact that it takes a large amount of time to get the accelerometer controls just right.  Ego City Invasion takes the accelerometer controls and fine tunes it so that you can play the game on a bumpy road, and even when you’re sitting down and taking the subway.

Go Crazy: In this game, the possibilities are numerous.  Shoot the rock so that it falls on the enemies and even summon a yak to knock down your enemies (where they came up with this I have no idea).  Or, you can just go Rambo style and shoot as fast as possible in the general direction of the monsters, and eventually they’ll fall one by one.  If you’re an action/shooter fan of any type, this game won’t fail to deliver quite an awesome, violent experience.


Limited: There isn’t much to this game, and with only one map and one game mode, the game can only interest you for so long.  While the price is only $0.99, it would have been nice if there were more maps and maybe one more game mode.  Also, I found the enemies to be very few in terms of type and/or species, and the addition of more enemies would be awesome.

Online Highscores: The implementation of either OpenFeint or Plus+ would be a huge addition to this game, and maybe even an online leaderboard would suffice.  With highscore games like this, online highscores are usually a must in order to add replay value for a user and to have the user enjoy the game a little bit more.

Ego City Invasion is a solid attempt at castle defense, and I am really surprised with the switch Punch Entertainment made.  The transition from TBS to castle defense was surprisingly smooth, and Punch Entertainment did a great job executing and designing the game.  I thoroughly enjoyed Ego City, and while there are some flaws, it’s nothing too major or big that interferes with the core of the gameplay.


Ego City Invasion was developed by Punch Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $0.99.




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