Tumblebugs Review: Those Bugs Are Really Tumbling

The Internet marble shooter that has hit over 35 million hits has finally come to the App Store, sized and ready to be played on your iPhone.  With so many marble shooters around, what makes Tumblebugs so different, or maybe even funner than the rest?


Kid-Friendly: If you have a kid, Tumblebugs seems to be the most appropriate marble shooter for them.  With cute little bugs flying around with and a kid-like atmosphere, Tumblebugs is probably the best for little children.  While Stoneloops and Luxor can definitely be appropriate for the children, Tumblebugs just seems to be the best fit.

Content: 78 levels is going to last you a fairly long amount of time, and while the levels aren’t very long, the variety of them is very noticeable.  Unlike Luxor, each level had its own design and there were little or no repeated levels.  Difficulty also ramped up accordingly, and it definitely was more than just stop the train before it passes this point.


Underwhelming Graphics: Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are fine.  But compared to the other marble shooters in the App Store, Tumblebugs just fails to deliver a solid look.  The marble graphics aren’t very sharp, the environments are far from impressive, and the details are definitely not present.

Menu Design: The design for when the levels are all complete can’t help but make me feel cluttered, and with so much information in one screen, the look becomes totally different.  The area seemed a little too cluttered for my taste, and it would have been nice is there was less in the same amount of space.

Controls: When you tap to aim, it’s extremely hard to get the controls down.  You’ll find yourself shooting the wrong area at the wrong times along with missing the shot completely.  It would have been nice if there was some other control method available, but of course, that’s the problem with a stationary shooter.  I just didn’t feel they were accurate enough to work on the iPhone, and it’ll definitely be a pain for those people with larger hands.

Tumblebugs is a solid marble shooter, it’s just not enough to compete with the competition.  Underwhelming graphics, inaccurate controls, and an overall uninteresting experience makes Tumblebugs tumble down, and I found myself wanting to play something else.  I was hoping there would be improvements made from the beta build that I previewed, but alas, the experience has been more or less the same.  Competition is way too tough in these waters, and Tumblebugs just happens to be a game that fails to meet expectations.  If you’re looking for a marble shooter for kids though, Tumblebugs may be the more appropriate one with its florid designs and cute-looking bugs.  I was hoping there would be improvements made from the beta build that I previewed, but alas, the experience has been more or less the same.


Tumblebugs was developed by Tag Games and published by Connect2Media, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99, and there is also a lite version to try.



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