Preview of Upcoming Update to ‘Alive-4-Ever’

Meridian has to be one of the more emerging developers of the App Store after releasing Alive-4-ever and Against the Fire! almost simultaneously, and both are games that haven’t failed to deliver.  With so much content in Alive-4-ever, it’s hard not to enjoy the game (unless you’re not a blood and gore fan), but the version 1.1 update promises to provide huge improvements to gameplay modes and a horde of new weapons.

Some of the major features announced in version 1.1 include survival mode (survive for as long as possible), horde mode (clear waves upon waves of enemies), and 5 new weapons, 4 of which are unlocked playing the horde and survival modes.  There are also some other minor fixes added to the game including dual stick transparency settings and new ranking for survival and horde modes.

The update has been submitted, and it should be with us shortly.  For now, check out these screenshots to see what the update will look like.



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2 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Update to ‘Alive-4-Ever’

  1. Man, I wish my giftcard form Hdo would arrive already… with this update, Alive for Ever will rise in price to at least $2.99, right? I have most of that card set aside already in my budget for some of the pricier productivity apps…

    Not that it isn’t worth well more than that — I’d be surprised if Meridian doesn’t start adding things via a purchase within the game mechanism (extra levels, story line enhancements, new characters, a Multiplayer zombie v. human mode….)

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