Castle Warriors Review: Prepare for A Winning War

Castle Warriors from GameResort, the creators of Biplane and others, was released not too long ago and promised to provide a solid strategic experience.  If you’ve ever played Galcon, Castle Warriors is a game that plays exactly that but with a whole new look and theme.  While the gameplay isn’t all that original, GameResort raised the level for real-time strategy games like this, and I thoroughly enjoyed Castle Warriors.


Visuals: With 3D visuals looking that good, it’s hard not to like them.  Detail is very noticeable along with great 3D rendering.  The castles are also very well designed, and the soldiers are comical and well designed.  I can’t really say much more, and I really love the 3D aspect to this game.

Strategy: Galcon’s campaign mode ultimately failed for its confusing layout and unclear directions on what to do.  While Galcon has since been updated with user interface improvements, I found Castle Warriors to contain a very clear and concise campaign mode.  There was a lot more incentive to actually play through the levels, and the strategy was well balanced out throughout all difficulties and levels.

Comical: My favorite types of movies and games have got to be the comical ones, and Castle Warriors doesn’t fail to deliver a laugh or two.  The intense strategy “genre” has been done away with in this game and replaced with a totally new perspective on games.  I’m a huge fan of games that I get a laugh out of, and Castle Warriors doesn’t fail to deliver.


Unresponsive: I would find that at times, the screen would not respond quite well to my swiping and tapping.  This may be a device specific problem as I do have the slowest device, but when games like Blades of Fury are running on my device, it’s hard to not complain.  The unresponsiveness wasn’t a pain, but it was definitely noticeable and should be fixed in upcoming updates.

There’s really nothing more to Castle Warriors.  It’s a solid game that provides a solid experience and a solid campaign mode.  The exclusion of multiplayer (preferably online) may have been a downer for most, but the immersive campaign mode does away with all your fears.  If you haven’t grabbed Castle Warriors yet, I suggest you go and grab a copy fast before the price rises.  Galcon and strategy fans should be happy with their purchase as I was very impressed with what GameResort produced.


Castle Warriors was developed by GameResort, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $0.99 for a limited time, and today seems to be the last day of the sale (September 23, 2009).



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