iBlast Moki Review: If It’s Round, Blow It Up

Godzilab released iBlast Moki for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we’ve finally seen this game surface from the murky waters.  The beta version that we previewed has been greatly modified to include the Plus+ network along with a lot of other nifty design changes and new features.  Among the coolest features, iBlast Moki features tons and tons of levels and replay value, and this may just be the best game on the App Store to date.


Content: There’s really no contest when it comes to the amount of content packed into this game.  78 levels of pure puzzle fun along with a level editor and downloadable online levels is just way too much for the price you pay.  You’ll never run out of things to do in this game, and I cannot describe in words how much content this game has.

Replay Value: Done with the game?  Why not download some user created levels or make your own level?  Maybe even replay the levels for Plus+ achievements?  The possibilities are endless, and I can totally see myself playing this game for months on end.  There’s really no game in the App Store that competes with this level of replay value, and yes not even Gameloft or EA Mobile games.

Downloadable Levels: This has got to be one of the coolest features in this game, and it’s even cooler when you can rate other people’s levels.  You can also upload your own levels for the whole world to rate and play, and I can’t imagine a more exhilarating gaming experience.  The user-created level database is not lacking either, and it’ll take you years to finish all of them.

Plus+: This is a feature that doesn’t have to be there, but iBlast Moki just keeps adding all these cool features to the game.  iBlast Moki by itself is a fun game by itself, but with the inclusion of Plus+, iBlast Moki has rocketed up the charts in terms of quality and completeness.  Again, I cannot help but feel that iBlast Moki has everything you will ever need in a game.


Difficulty: As you progress through the game, you’ll be confronted with tons and tons of new items, and it’ll start to get a little bit difficult for those casual gamers.  It would be nice if the developers could add a hint button of some sort for the more casual gamers, but the exclusion is totally understandable.  Difficulty doesn’t seem to be a problem in the lower levels though, and it should provide a very immersive experience for 30-40 levels.

iBlast Moki is the most complete game I have ever encountered.  Period.  There’s no other game that rivals in quality and quantity, a mixture that’s absolutely destined to be awesome.  If you haven’t grabbed iBlast Moki yet, I suggest you go ahead and buy it right now.  $1.99 is an absolute steal for a game that surpasses all other iPhone games to date.


iBlast Moki was developed by Godzilab, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on a limited time sale for $1.99.



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