Meteor Blitz Review: Gun ‘Em Down Boys

The survival shooter Meteor Blitz was significantly hyped pre-release. and we even had the chance to play a preview build of the game.  Since then, Meteor Blitz has gone on to appear in the App Store in full glory, and this is definitely everything a survival shooter fan can ever wish for.  With great visuals, addictive gameplay, and almost no loading times, Meteor Blitz is definitely the one for you.


Visuals: The 3D look of the planets in arcade mode is fantastic, a feature that I have never encountered in any other survival shooter.  Usually, the backgrounds are just plain black with some bright neon colors here and there, but never has there been such a 3D look.  It’s hard to capture this feeling from the screenshots, but you’ll notice the “wow” once you start playing.

Controls: Controls are very spot-on and it’s extremely easy to weave through the meteors using these controls.  I found them to be neither sensitive or unresponsiveness, making it the perfect fit for a game of this type.  Shaking to set a bomb and tapping to switch weapons were great additions to this game along with the “let go of the controls to pause” feature.

Maps: The game comes loaded with around 6 maps, and each one should take an average person a while to unlock.  In the many hours I have played the game, I got the chance to unlock 3 out of the 6 maps with so much more to be hungry for.  The different locations were definitely welcoming, and playing in the different backgrounds created a totally different experience.

Achievements: The achievements list in Meteor Blitz is very extensive compared to other games, and the addition of it is just the icing on the cake.  As you all may know, achievements are a great way to keep a player playing the game, and Meteor Blitz does a great job reaching out to the hardcore and casual gamers alike.  And once you achieve all the achievements, you’ll be screaming for more.


Menu Design: Menu design was a little bit bland, and detail was not really there.  Sure this is a little bit picky, and with a game with absolutely no loading times, most people won’t really pay attention to all the small details.  Personally, it was a little too dark and hard to read the letters in the menu, but totally understandable to keep the game’s loading times to a minimum.

Meteor Blitz is the most extensive survival shooter that I have ever played on the iPhone, and while it isn’t as deep as Alive-4-ever, it definitely provides more than meets the eye.  I cannot emphasize enough how good of a game this is, and it may just be the new standard for new and entering survival shooters.  With that said, I suggest you go and get Meteor Blitz at the awesomely low price of $1.99.


Meteor Blitz was developed by Alley Labs, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $1.99.



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