Hybrid: Eternal Whisper Dashes To App Store

The long awaited RPG game Hybrid Eternal Whisper has hit the App Store in full glory, something I haven’t had a chance to experience in the preview build.  If you haven’t read our preview of the game, you can read it here for more information on how the game is played.

If you’re expecting a traditional, Zelda-like RPG, you won’t find it in Hybrid: Eternal Whisper as it is a game based on combos and spells, very similar to that of Blades of Fury.  The game reminds me of Ninety-Nine Nights for the Xbox, except in 2D pixelated sprites, but the gameplay plays nearly the same.  The preview build I played with was amazing, but there’s nothing better than the release build.

The price is $5.99, and the game was developed by Gamevil.



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