geoDefense Swarm Out Now

geoDefense originally took everyone by suprise on the app store.  With its simple design and low price tag of $0.99, the challenging gameplay made the tower defense title a real standout.  Now, Critical Thought Games are back with a sequel: geoDefense Swarm for $0.99.

The major change in geoDefense Swarm is that creeps do not follow a path anymore.  Using your towers, you can create a path that the creeps must follow.  This throws a mix into your strategy and alters the gameplay significantly.  The game has 30 levels to play through, as well as an endless level in each difficulty level.  If you think thirty levels is too small, the difficulty of the game will keep your retrying levels and always busy.

Check out geoDefense Swarm on the app store and see what all the hype is about.




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