More Games for You to Win: 15 Copies of Crush Bunny Now!

The first giveaway for Metal Sun is now over!  Congratulations to all the winners from the contest: S199, tsubasa, mcamp, eggzbacon, Ragunai, iWarmongering, jumpman475, AnthonyLifrieri, and Nico75.  I’ve put up one extra promo code in the topic that is first come, first serve, so try and grab it quickly before anyone else.

You can now turn your attention to the next game that we’re giving away, called Crush Bunny from 3Side Studios.  Daniel gave this game a glowing recommendation, so I’ll recommend reading his impressions for more information on this game.  If you’d like to play the game and see what he’s raving about, winning is easy.  Simply go into the Crush Bunny giveaway topic and leave a reply.  The first 15 people to do so will have a promo code PMed right to their inbox!  What are you waiting for?  Sign up for the forums now and go get yourself a free game.


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