Alive-4-ever Review: Chills and Skills

Meridian has made iPhone history with their newly released game Alive-4-ever, and while some of their games have previously broken the App Store Top 100, none of them have ever been close to the success of Alive-4-ever.  At $0.99, the game provides some excellent survival shooter action, and it’s definitely hard to compete with such a title.


Controls: Twin-stick control method seems to be the standard for most survival shooters as it seems to be the method that everyone loves.  The response in A4e’s controls is great, and the controls are probably the closest you’ll ever get to real analog sticks.  I found them to be pretty accurate and allowed the user to move through all the nooks and crannies.

Soundtrack: Prepare to be spooked.  I suggest you don’t play this around people as you will embarass yourself when you scream and pee in your pants at the same time.  Part of this thrill is created by the amazing soundtrack that will creep out most people, and only the brave can truly overcome it.  Great job on the soundtrack, and I believe it takes this game to whole new level.

Weaponry: The game is filled with different types of weaponry whether it be a shotgun or a machine gun, you have the freedom to chose.  At the beginning of the game, it will automatically unlock the weakest weapons in each category: shotgun, machine gun, and pistol.  The upgraded versions of these weapons will be available once you have enough money to buy the upgrade.

Not Just Surviving: What I really thought A4e did great was provide a variety for users, and the different types of missions are always welcoming.  Each level requires you to do a certain thing, and the more you progress, the more diverse the missions are.  Each level also produces the missions at random, so you may play the same level over with totally different missions.  This diversity is very much appreciated as it does provide the depth iPhone gamers have been longing for in survival shooters.


A Tad Bit Difficult: It became a pain going through the levels as it became more and more difficult.  The game would start to ramp in difficulty a little too fast, and for casual gamers it will be hard to keep up.  I found myself playing the same levels over and over while failing and failing, and after a while, it just isn’t fun.  A lower level of difficulty would be a great addition to this game because most iPhone users won’t be happy with the current difficulty level.

User Interface: Getting through all the menus in A4e was a little difficult, and I couldn’t help but feel that the button response was a little too sluggish.  Many improvements can be made on the menus and button response in general, and loading times can/should also be improved.

Alive-4-ever has to be one of the better survival shooters out there, but honestly, it’s not really as “wow” as you hear from other people.  Sure it’s like Left 4 Dead for the iPhone, and it may even be the closest thing we’ll ever get.  From my personal experiences with the game, it was pretty much an average survival shooter that provides a little more depth than its competitors, but nothing more.


Alive-4-ever was developed by Meridian, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on a limited time sale for $0.99.



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  1. I totally agree with your review, especially about the difficulty. Sure it started out fairly easy, but ramped up a bit too quickly for me. I still give it a go from time to time, but after a few tries at the same level I just move on to another game. I’ll keep it around though as it is a good game none the less.

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