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Sales Roundup: Fastlane Street Racing And More

Every week there seems to be a very numerous amount of sales.  This week is not exempt from this common App Store practice, and most of the games are very noteworthy.  Among the list includes Fastlane Street Racing, Match 3D Flick Puzzle, and KIL.A.TON.

Fastlane Street Racing: This racing game has been the king of all racing games before Real Racing and Need for Speed, and while it does lack in graphics (in my opinion), it makes up for it with some pure, speedy fun.  The game is now $0.99, and there is a lite version to try before you buy.

Match 3D Flick Puzzle: We reviewed this title a while back and thought it was one of the more ingenious inventions, and the game received a solid Buy rating from us for its complete rehash of the match-3 formula.  The game was reviewed when it was $3.99 and it has since gone down to $0.99.  Match 3D Flick Puzzle is on a three day sale, and there is a lite version to try before you buy.

KIL.A.TON: $0.99 sale, this game is a no-brainer.  I found this game to be one of the most sophisticated artillery games on the App Store, and its unique twists make this game extremely attractive.  While the graphics seem to be a little bit too similar to iShoot, the game itself requires some very deep strategic thinking and is also one of the deepest strategy games in the App Store.  The game received a solid Buy rating from us, and it’s really hard not to pass this up.

If you don’t have any of them, now’s the chance to get all of them.  If you don’t have money, go buy a gift card or shell out $3 to buy all three of these titles.  Normally, I find games that are worth your time and are not, but all three of these games are just too great to be ignored.  Of course, you’ll have your own personal preferences, but all three of these games are definitely worth every 99 pennies.

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