Rolando 2 On Sale, Drops to Only $5.99

Ngmoco‘s platforming adventure Rolando 2 is on sale now for $5.99, down from the launch price of $9.99.  The game features a host of upgrades from the original series debut.  Special Rolandos that can float, vehicles, and an improved interface were all welcome additions.

I’ve found Rolando 2 to be without a doubt one of the best games on the app store.  Levels are designed with a perfect balance of difficulty and ingenuity, and the graphics are a technical feat.   Every aspect of the game is improved over the original, so without hesitation I can give this game a must have recommendation.  Check it out on the app store.

If you haven’t seen the original trailer, it gives a good sense of the personality that the game is filled with.  Watch it below.

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