The Last Name Change (We Hope) to Ngmoco’s FPS: Eliminate

Ngmoco has been throwing around several different names for their upcoming first person shooter.  We first knew it as LiveFire, and the name was eventually replaced with KillTest.  Now, Ngmoco would like you to become familiar with the game as Eliminate.   This is the FPS that will be bringing online multiplayer in the familiar deathmatch mode.

The new name change comes with the first official trailer for the game, which dishes out some interesting information.  Each day as you play, you have a limited amount of energy.  While you still have energy, credits are earned for your performance in the game.  These should be able to be used to spend on upgrades for yourself.  However, once you are out of energy, you will not be able to earn any credits.  Eliminate will be supporting micro-transactions, so the idea is that if you really want to fill back up on energy, you can pay real world money to give yourself an advantage.  Watch the video for a full explanation.

There is no word on the final release date, but the official website contains a lot of locked content with individual timers.  Keep your eye on that website to slowly see new preview shots available.


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