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Yesterday’s event called “Let’s Rock” was an event that totally slapped my expectations in the face.  Like most of you, I was eagerly awaiting a camera on the third generation iPod Touch along with some other cool little features.  Here’s a run down of the new iPod Touch.

iPod Touch: Upgraded to 8 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models $199, $299, and $399 respectively.  Along with the upgraded space, the new iPod Touch is said to be 50% faster than the old one and is said to support OpenGLES 2.0 just like the iPhone 3GS.  It’s a little disappointing that the new model does not support/include a camera, but for new users this should be a significant improvement.

The device that seemed to steal the spotlight in this event was the iPod nano.  This iPod didn’t really get much attention anywhere (including here) ever since the iPod Touch came out.  At the Apple event, it was announced that the new iPod nano now supports a camera along with FM radio with live pause.  A great improvement from the older model, but I’m not saying you should get it or anything.

As for games that were announced, Gameloft announced an upcoming FPS called Nova that seems to be very similar to Halo.  It also says to offer one of the best looking graphics on the App Store, a fact that’s not really surprising as Gameloft is known for their high-end graphics.  Tapulous announced an upcoming rhythm game called Riddim Ribbon that uses the accelerometer to hit the notes, etc.  EA Mobile released some screenshots of the upcoming game NFS Shift that acts more like a sim racer than an arcade racer.  And last but not least, Assassin’s Creed II was announced for the iPhone from Ubisoft and is said to be arriving this November.

That’s it for now folks, we’ll post up those NFS screenshots right after the jump.  Surprised?  Disappointed?  Why not leave a comment to express your feelings?

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I have been an iPhone game addict ever since the NES emulator came out on the 1.1.4 iPhone 2G. After 2.0 and the App Store came out, my iPhone homescreen has never been the same. Other than writing reviews for App Store games, I play soccer/football, American football, volleyball, and golf. I love going to the beach and fishing on the pier. Some games not available on iPhone/iPod Touch that I truly love are the Call of Duty series, Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL 09, and PGR: Gotham Racing.

4 thoughts on “Apple News Event Wrap Up

  1. I am more than surprised at the lack of an update to the iPod Touch. First of all, the lack of a camera was a big letdown. The camera parts had been estimates to cost about $10, so they could have added them in without raking much of a hit.

    Apple seems to know just how good these little devices are and figured they could afford to overlook them. I think they wanted some attention shifted back to the nanos. An FM tuner alone probably would have gote to upgrade my iPod.

    So, unless I’ve missed something, the 8GB has received no upgrade whatsoever?

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