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First Screens of Chronicles of Inotia 2

Com2us has been one of my more favorable developers bringing games like Homerun Battle 3D and the original Chronicles of Inotia.  Well great news folks, CoI 2 has been in development, and Com2us has released the first screenshots for the game.

CoI 2 promises to provide some sort of party play and network gameplay, which makes the game sound very similar to an MMORPG.  Of course, we’ll have to just wait and see what the game is all about and what the release version actually does.  If Com2us follows through with their idea(s), I can totally see this game as on of my top anticipated games of the year.  It seems like the party will be controlled by one player, but there will be an online battle mode for all your online needs.

Chronicles of Inotia 2 is expected to be released Winter 2009, and I cannot wait to get my hands on this upcoming RPG.



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