Boggle Review: The Original Word Game

Electronic Arts has released yet another itineration of their board game series with Hasbro, and this time it just happens to be Boggle.  I found Boggle to be a lot more refined in terms of looks compared to other word games, and I actually found the game to be very well made in terms of visuals.  Of course, die hard Boggle fans may not feel at home with the iPhone remake of the classic, but new players like myself will love the addition of Boggle to our iDevices.


Animations: Shaking the letters to create a 4X4 grid executes a very well done animation with the dice to make the whole flow look very real.  Dice switching through the board in advanced mode was very smoothly done, and I found the transitions to be very smooth.  Animations were also very well done, and it has got to be one of the best animated dice I’ve ever seen.

Visuals: Design and layout for the game is visually very appealing, and I found it to be a great improvement from their other game Snood.  The menu design is very well done and easy to use, and the gameplay area was large enough for the average human.  Colors are done just right, and the whole look and feel of the game was great.

Statistics: I love how Boggle keeps a record of the number of words you’ve made in classic mode and all these other statistics like how many 3-letter words you have made in total.  It was very cool to see every single detail of the game, and there were even some statistics that I would have never known.  It isn’t just a highscore table but a full list of stats, and it was definitely interesting to see all the numbers for my games.


Multiplayer: The game Boggle was made for multiple people to play and multiple people to compete against.  It just happens to be that EA’s Boggle includes no multiplayer whatsoever, not even pass-and-play.  It seems like EA got a little bit lazy after Monopoly and started to not include local or even pass-and-play multiplayer into their board games.

Dictionary: The game doesn’t exactly include a dictionary, and it would be really nice to know some of the definitions of the words that I found or the words that appear after the game.  For hardcore word game fans, a dictionary is a must in word games like these, and the exclusion of this feature is a bit disappointing.

I found Boggle for iPhone to be a solid board game that delivered some quality, word game fun.  I didn’t experience any crashing on my 1st generation iPhone, but it seems like the game does have some performance issues for some people.  If multiplayer isn’t really a deal breaker for you, I suggest you go and grab it now as it is a wonderful board game.  Personally, this is my first time ever playing Boggle and I found it to be very fun even against myself.


Boggle was developed by EA Mobile, and I played through version 1.o on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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