Samurai: Way of the Warrior Review: Blood and Gore Like Never Before

Mad Finger Games has recently released an all new game called Samurai: Way of the Warrior, and it is said to use intuitive controls using only one finger.  Of course, games that require only one finger can only be accomplished on the iPhone, and Samurai provides some intuitive action for the average gamer.  The visuals are impressive, and the game itself is good for short playing periods, but is it really worth your $2.99?


Visuals: Samurai uses some very unique visuals, very similar to that of a painting or a drawing.  I found them to be very well done, and it’s not surprising since the game does utilize the Unity 3D engine for iPhone.  The artwork and graphics are very appealing, and it has to be one of the better looking games.

Controls: I really didn’t think the controls would work as most one finger iPhone games led to my finger blocking the screen and whatnot.  Samurai uses some very intuitive controls using swipes and taps, and I found it to work very well.  If your main concern was controls, don’t worry anymore because they work great.

Blood and Gore: Now obviously, children should not be playing this game as it is one of the more gory games.  But if you’re a guy like me, this game will please in terms of awesomeness and wow…ness.  You’ll be slicing through heads, slicing samurais in half, and best of all, cutting off people’s heads.  Yes yes it is a little graphic, but it’s definitely very cool.


Shallow: The game itself is not very deep, and it does not require much thinking.  Swipe left and right, kill that samurai, then move on.  I can’t see myself playing this game for a long amount of time as it does get a little repetitive, and I felt like there was something lacking in the campaign mode.  It would be nice to add some more weapons in future updates and/or add some strategy for more hardcore gamers.

Long story short, Samurai: Way of the Warrior is a shallow version of Ninja Gaiden for DS.  It’s definitely worth the $2.99, but please note that it may get repetitive for the more hardcore gamers.  It’s stress-relieveing though, and after a hard day of work, Samurai doesn’t fail to carry that burden.  Slicing through samurais and learning new combos are some of the cool features in the game, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing Samurai.


Samurai: Way of the Warrior is developed by Mad Finger Games, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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