KIL.A.TON Review: Killer Strategy, Killer Game

Dot Matrix Interactive Design tries their luck with turn-based artillery, a genre that has been somewhat crowded in the App Store.  It’s definitely difficult to provide enough twists in a crowded genre for a user to feel the game is a different experience than the other games.  KIL.A.TON seems to provide enough twists and enough changes to provide a whole new user experience, and I found KIL.A.TON to be one of the best turn-based artillery games in the App Store.


Controls: Most turn-based artillery games seem to provide some great controls, and it always feels like this genre was made to be created on the iPhone.  KIL.A.TON follows the bars set by previous games and provides controls that feel natural and feel great to use.  It isn’t intuitive or anything of that nature, but the controls work and are responsive.

Strategy: KIL.A.TON is probably one of the deepest strategy games on the App Store, buying ammunition between every round and also the ability to move.  KIL.A.TON had me thinking more than a few minutes before shooting my projectile because of the sensitivity in the game, and this has to be one of the more strategic games.  If you’re looking for a good thinker, KIL.A.TON definitely delivers a solid strategic experience.

Extensive Offline Mode: Some things that online games are missing are extensive offline modes, a factor that I did not find in iMech.  KIL.A.TON features a very extensive single player campaign mode that should provide the average gamer around 5 hours of gameplay, and even more time to achieve the gold award on every level.

User Interface: User interface is just wonderfully laid out, and I’m surprised that iPhone games don’t follow this layout.  The only other game that I’ve seen that uses this type of interface was Triazzle, one of the more complete puzzle experiences in the App Store.  KIL.A.TON’s intuitive user interface is very well laid out for the user, and I found it to be visually very appealing.


Graphics: The graphics aren’t as appealing as let’s say Star Hogs, and I found the graphics to be very similar to iShoot, and it can even be said that Dot Matrix ripped off iShoot.  Sure the font and whatnot is a lot different, but the tanks and environments are almost exactly like iShoot.  There needs to be some difference between other games for KIL.A.TON to stand out design-wise, and the graphics definitely need some refinements.

Weaponry: With iShoot providing a weapons creator and Pocket Tanks Deluxe featuring over 100 different weapons, KIL.A.TON leaves much to be desired in terms of weapons.  The weapons department is very lacking, and I was surprised with the lack of weapons in the game.

KIL.A.TON has to be one of the more deeper artillery experiences on the App Store, and it’s definitely one of my more favorite ones.  Not many artillery games have interested me for long, and KIL.A.TON has had me interested for more than 3 hours, a fact that should make the developers proud.  There needs to be more weapons and a little bit more refined graphics, but the overall game experience was a very good one.


KIL.A.TON was developer by Dot Matrix Interactive Design, and I played through version 1.0 on my first generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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