First Screens of Blades of Fury

Blades of Fury has been yet another game announced from Gameloft along with Asphalt 5, Brain Challenge 2, Shrek Kart, Earthworm Jim, etc.  They released the logo for their game along with a cinematic trailer yesterday that disappointingly showed no gameplay at all.

Well it seems like Blades of Fury screenshots were released today, and it looks like the game will be a Tekken/Soul Caliber clone for the iPhone.  Sure Gameloft does have a tendency to copy over console games to the iPhone, but this is definitely great news.  Check out these screenshots to sate your appetite for now, and personally, I think the graphics look like one of the best for the iPhone.  I’m beyond excited for this game, but then again, keeping your expectations in check is always a good thing.


  • 10 unique characters, each with their own weapons and fighting style,
  • 10 different arenas,
  • 4 game modes: Story, Arcade, Survival and Practice
  • Multiplayer mode via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • 2 ways of control.



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2 thoughts on “First Screens of Blades of Fury

  1. The game is real nice. but as to the claim that can be played over bluetooth is not quite true. we have been trying to get it working for 2 hrs now and it will not find any players. Also we called apple and their only answer was that the iphone 3g was not design to work with anything other than a handset, yet their 3.1 software states that it will work with accesories. Dont get me wrong, game is awsome and love the iphone, but this bluetooth issue is stupid. Apple is lagging on the part of letting the phone reach full potential. Bad move on their part!

  2. Sadly my iPhone 2G doesn’t even support Bluetooth multiplayer. I think it was Gameloft’s fault for the broken bluetooth, probably a coding error or implementation error.

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