NEX Review: Where Did This Monster Come From?

People have been craving for NEX after it was announced some time in July, and the wait has finally ended.  The game promises to provide squad-based FPS along with some great graphics.  This is definitely one of the first squad-based first-person shooters in the App Store, and I must commend the developer for executing this idea.


Graphics: These graphics are very well done, beyond most 3D iPhone games to date.  I found them to be very detailed, and while it isn’t like a PSP or whatnot, the graphics are extremely well rendered.  Starbyte did a great job with creating the gaming atmosphere, and graphics are a key part to the game.

Sounds: Sounds are absolutely phenomenal, and the eerie music along with the bullet shooting is some of the best I’ve ever heard for an iPhone game.  The music actually got me very creeped, and I would find myself looking around and darting my eyes back and forth.  The music and sound effects do a great job creating the eerie atmosphere, and this is a job well done.

User Interface: User interface is well designed to pretty much fit the whole game, and the quarter circle design works very well in this game.  I found the user interface to be pleasant, and while I didn’t quite know what the symbols meant at first, I learned them the hard way.  It’s an elegant design that I personally like a lot, and this design should be implemented a lot more in other games.


Enemy Variety: I haven’t gotten very far into the game, but the enemy variety seems to be lacking.  They’re either green or purple, and sometimes I can’t exactly notice any difference in strengths between the two.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but the game really needs some more types of enemies.

Melee Weaponry: When monsters and enemies are up to your face, it would be really nice to just bash them in the head with the butt of your weapon instead of shooting the monster down.  When enemies get close, they tend to die a little slower than when they are afar off.

I really don’t know why consumers didn’t like NEX, I’m thinking that people expected a little too much in this game.  I found NEX to be the best first-person shooter in the App Store so far, but then again, first-person shooters have really made a bang in the App Store yet.  NEX does a great job executing in terms of graphics and designs, and with a few updates, the game could be a lot better.  Controls are decent, neither bad nor good, but some may not like them.  I must agree the controls need some improvement, but I didn’t find any major problems with it.  If you need a little help on how the strategy goes, check out this Youtube video for more info.


NEX was developed by StarByte, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $4.99.



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