Snowferno Rolls Into App Store

Snowferno, the puzzle platformer, has finally entered the App Store gates and ready to be sold to many happy customers.  We did a hands-on with this game a while back, and our time with the game has been very positive.  Controls work very well, graphics are great, and content is extensive.  At the price of $1.99, it’s really hard NOT to get it, but then again, I do see some people hesitating.

I can assure you that fans of puzzle platformers and/or physics games will be at home with Snowferno, and this game should be a perfect collection to your app collection.  It may become frustrating for some though, but it is a puzzle is it not?

Graphically, the game is very impressive and it uses the Unity 3D engine.  The game also ships with 14 custom soundtracks, all which sound very nice, and there are online leaderboards for each level that are based on how fast you finish the game.  Sure the game may lack some polish in the menus and whatnot, but the game itself is just “sheer challenge and sheer awesomeness”.

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