Hands-On With Hybrid Eternal Whisper

There are very few games that I just sit in awe at, especially games from the App Store.  Sure there are some sweet games on the App Store like Assassin’s Creed and Sway but none have made me say out loud “omg this is awesome”.  Well that’s about to change with the arrival of Hybrid Eternal Whisper, an upcoming game from Gamevil that I had the privileged chance to play.

The game is all about combination attacks; dash forward then strike, strike 5 times, swap weapon positions while attacking, perform a magic spell, the possibilities are endless.  The game sort of reminded me of Ninety-Nine Nights for the Xbox 360, except of course in 2.5D.  Hybrid Eternal Whisper is definitely a lot different than Zenonia, and it depends more on the gameplay than the storyline.

To conjure up a spell, simply swipe your finger on the screen either up or down, or both.  There are other gestures that execute a spell that I have yet to learn, but the spells I do know use gesture-based controls.  Along with spells is the ability to jump into the air and strike an opponent using either slash or thrust.  This will add to your combination quite a lot actually, and it’s definitely a skill you should use.

After the level is complete, you are then graded by how many combos you did and what type of combos you used.  Then, you will receive a certain amount of skill points, which then translate to either an A, B, or C score for the level.  Of course, most of would like to receive A’s, but it’s not as easy as you would like it to be.  As of right now, I’m sitting comfortably on the B average score because of the couple of C’s I have received throughout the game.

The RPG elements are present in the game, but they aren’t as noticeable.  I would find myself leveling up around 5 levels yet still not raising one point in my stats because I would be totally concentrated on the game itself.  Once you level up though, you will receive 2 points to raise your stats, whether it be strength or critical damage.  After defeating an enemy, you will also receive POW that can be used to either raise your mana, physical power, and health levels, or it can be used like money to buy weapons and other items in the shop.

I really don’t have much else to say, Hybrid Eternal Whisper is one of the most awesome titles I have ever played on the iPhone.  The first time I opened it I was like “wow, this is totally wicked”.  The soundtrack is totally epic along with some killer combos and magical spells.  The game had me captured in its clutches for hours, and I would find myself going back to this game again and again.  Most RPG fans will be excited for this release, and again, this has got to be one of the most awesome games on the App Store.

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