Hands-On With Sniper vs. Sniper

Com2us has been one of my favorite iPhone developer because of their awesome games like Chronicles of Inotia and Baseball Sluggers.  Following the success of Baseball Sluggers comes a whole new experience called Sniper vs. Sniper.  In this game, you play as a sniper and need to find for your enemy as fast as you can before the enemy finds you.  While the graphics aren’t very appealing, the gameplay is thrilling and more than I could have ever asked for.

Sniper vs. Sniper includes a very extensive single player campaign mode that features around five locations, each with around 3 or 4 extensive levels.  Along with the single player mode is an online mode where you can play against anyone in the world.  The goal in online mode is to kill your opponent by draining his health bar to 0, and points are added to your score just like it does in Baseball Sluggers.

Online mode also consists of a chat room where you can talk with other snipers freely.  There is also an online leaderboard that shows who has the highest amount of points, which is again, very similar to Baseball Sluggers.  I found it very difficult to defeat my opponent easily, and I was on the edge of my seat for the whole time while on online mode.  It’s definitely a trippy experience since you don’t know where your opponent is at all, and you’ll be looking around the map to try and find your opponent.

To control your scope/binoculars, simply tilt your device.  The beta build that I was privileged to play was a little bit sensitive in the tilt controls, but this should not be a problem in the final build.  If you tap once on the screen, the binoculars will pop up, and if you double tap, the scope will shoot right up.  Overall, the controls felt very natural with many possible routes to your desired piece of equipment.

All in all, Sniper vs. Sniper is another solid online game from Com2us, and there’s really no competition right now.  The graphics do need a little bit of work as the player models and backgrounds are stationary, but the gameplay was/is beyond what I thought it would be.  Online play is one of the best online experiences I have ever played, and you’ll definitely feel the thrill once you start playing.  Sniper vs. Sniper is just another example of how online games should be executed and presented, and Com2us seems to have hit the bullseye in almost every category.



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