Bust-A-Move Review: Far From Extinct

Taito Corporation has been an up and down developer, releasing watered down ports like Cooking Mama, yet delivering jaw-dropping experiences like Space Invaders Infinity Gene.  Bust-A-Move seems to fall in right between those two categories, but it’s definitely not something you shouldn’t consider.


Controls: With around 2 different control methods, Bust-A-Move doesn’t fail to deliver solid controls.  A problem with Snood were the controls that would block your view of the screen, but Bust-A-Move’s controls don’t seem to block the screen at all, and you’ll be able to see pretty much the whole screen.

Gameplay Modes: Bust-A-Move has an extensive amount of gameplay modes: Vs. Mode, Challenge Mode, and Story Mode.  The story mode alone will take around 3-5 hours to finish, maybe even longer as I’m not exactly sure how many levels there are.  Challenge mode is a mode in where the game never ends, and the vs. mode consists of bluetooth multiplayer against a friend or foe.

Sounds: The sounds in this game actually sounds like a 21st century game even though it doesn’t look like one.  The cute voiceovers and bubble popping sound effects are very well done, and they will definitely appeal to little children and others of that nature.  It’s a cute game, and the sound effects just make the whole experience even cuter.


Graphics: Ehh, not sure if Taito was going for the retro look, but Bust-A-Move seems to be a mix of retro and modern.  It’s just not really my style, and while Space Invaders Infinity Gene was clearly retro, Bust-A-Move is hard to tell.  It would have been nice if Taito made the game look a little better especially the bubbles, but presentation is not too bad.

Expensive: Bubble Bash from Gameloft will offer pretty much the same things as Bust-A-Move.  Bust-A-Move is just includes a vs. mode and whatnot, but it really doesn’t justify the $4.99 price tag.  The game is fun and all, but it is pretty expensive compared to alternatives.

Bust-A-Move isn’t everything I dreamed it would be, but it wasn’t a disappointment at all.  The game is old and I’m sure some of you want it to just die, but Bust-A-Move seems to survive all the modern games on the iPhone and deliver an enjoyable experience.  Bust-A-Move was actually pretty fun to play, and while it is expensive, it did have me playing for quite a while.


Bust-A-Move was developed by Taito Corporation, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $4.99.



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