Tap Tap Revenge 3: Leaked Screenshots?

Screenshots were released today regarding Tap Tap Revenge 3, the popular rhythm game that has hit the hearts of many iPhone gamers including myself.  TTR2 is definitely one of the best free games out there, and I can’t help but feel excited seeing these new TTR3 screenshots.  Of course, there is a small chance they could be fake, but from the interface and features, it definitely looks more real than fake.

According to the screenshots, you will be able to create your own character along with some other cool features.  It has already been confirmed that TTR3 will include DLC with more songs and other features in packs.  We have yet to see the majority of games to feature download packs, but TTR3 seems to be going in the right direction.  User interface and button design doesn’t seem to look a lot different, but the new features are what make me excited.

UPDATE: We have further reason to believe that these are real screenshots from Tap Tap Revenge 3.





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15 thoughts on “Tap Tap Revenge 3: Leaked Screenshots?

  1. I hope they’ve fixed the lag in loading the songs list. It takes almost 30s to load my songs list right now! I’m excited, for sure, to play this one.

  2. Whoa Whoa Whoa… the Multiplier bar isn’t full! that means we might get a 16X????? or will it be like star power? damn I hate star power lol

  3. The lag is not so bad (only about 2s) on the iphone 3GS (I have more than 70 songs for each level).. but it’s terrible for the iphone 3G though…

    i’d love it if they put a RETRY button.. it’s so bloody convenient when you want to try for high scores..

    btw, what’s star power?

  4. Yea a retry button is a must! It’s painful to have to sit and wait for a reload of all songs when you know you just want to retry the same song.

    Star power is what you get in guitar hero or rock band for brief spurts that give you extra double the score.

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