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We reported of Tumblebugs coming to the iPhone not too long ago, and our fellow chaps at Connect2Media and Tag Games kindly provided us a preview copy to test, and boy I must say this is the closest to Zuma you can get.  Of course, if the original Zuma comes, the game is pretty much over but Tumblebugs provides a somewhat different marble shooter than the rest in the App Store.

The game revolves all around bugs.  So, the end block that’s pushing all the marble, or should I say bugs, is a bug and the marble shooter is a beetle.  The bugs are trying to reach the ant hole, and you must stop them by making them explode.  There are powerups and other little features that I’m not quite sure how they work, but the powerups are pretty handy when you’re in trouble.

To shoot the marbles, simply tap in the direction you want to shoot.  I found this method a little easier to handle than the way Luxor or StoneLoops handled the shooting, but it also was a little more prone to error (i.e. shooting in the wrong place).  But then again, controls can be improved while time goes on since this is only a beta build.  Other than the controls being inaccurate, they worked surprisingly well compared to other marble shooters.

The game contains around 75 levels of pure fun, and while I did find the levels to be a little bit on the shorter side, it definitely felt like there were more than 75.  Each level does keep you captured for a certain amount of time, and I found myself to be playing the game for 30 minutes straight.  Content shouldn’t be a problem with this game as it does rival that of every other marble shooter in the App Store.

If you’ve played Tumblebugs at all, I’m sure the iPhone version will appeal to you.  The marble shooter genre seems very crowded now, but Tumblebugs seems to be closer to Zuma than any other clone, and it also provides a relaxing atmosphere.  Tumblebugs also seems to be very appealing to children, and the overall game was a thrill to play.  With a few fixes here and there, I think this game can rival Luxor, StoneLoops, and Atlantis Sky Patrol.

Tumblebugs is developed by Tag Games and published by Connect2Media.  The price is yet to be announced.

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