Version 1.1 Updates: Touch KO and Lifeboat

Some very much needed updates were released yesterday, and two of those games happened to be Touch KO and Lifeboat.  We reviewed both of these games, giving Touch KO a Buy and Lifeboat a Worth A Look.  Now that version 1.1 is out, let’s see if they add any improvements and/or replay value.

Lifeboat: Version 1.1 has added Twitter/Facebook connectivity along with improved controls.  While I can’t quite find the Twitter and Facebook buttons, I do notice the improved controls.  My main gripe in my review was the controls, and the update has majorly improved them.  The game is actually fun now, and I found myself focusing on saving people rather than which way to stand or position myself.

Touch KO: Touch KO’s version 1.1 update adds a harder difficulty level along with some other improvements like a pause button.  A problem with Touch KO pre-update was a very easy AI along with some performance issues.  The performance issues still seem to be present, but the AI has been improved greatly and it’s actually a challenge.

These updates add some great improvements, and while the performance issues in Touch KO are still present, the update is still welcoming.  The best update would have to be Lifeboat because of the very needed improved controls that work 100% better than it did before.  All in all, both of these games are definitely worth your time and money with these 1.1 updates.

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