Sketch Hop From Mad Monkey Studio

3GS specific games are very rare right now, and only a handful have been released including Dark Raider 3GS and Blue Skies 3GS.  Of course, both those games don’t really feature the breathtaking graphics we were hoping for.  The iPhone world has been really excited about Mad Monkey Studio’s work on iPhone 3GS specific games, and their first game Sketch Hop has been released for free.

The game is more of a tech demo; you hold your finger down and try to jump over the gaps.  It’s definitely very simple, and the game itself doesn’t seem to be very captivating.  The graphics, on the other hand, don’t seem to be very crazy in the screenshots, but the video below will show you how the game actually looks.  Sketch shading is included in this game, something that cannot be accomplished on older models.

This is definitely a good step forward, and I hope to see actual games in the near future from Mad Monkey Studio.  Sketch Hop, like I mentioned before, is basically a tech demo to see what your 3GS is capable of.  The shading is actually pretty intriguing, and the graphics look pretty nice compared to other games.  It’s something different from the rest, but some of you may actually enjoy the game.

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