iMech Review: Self-Destruct in One

iMech was a highly anticipated title from Flying Dino, a game that promised to bring stress-relieving, online robot fighting fun.  Games like these haven’t really made a bang on the iPhone quite yet, and online multiplayer games are very scarce.  I was hoping that iMech would break this barrier and provide some nice multiplayer fun, but I was very far from right.


Graphics: Credit goes where credit is due.  iMech features some of the best 3D graphics I’ve seen on the iPhone, let alone a multiplayer game with these graphics.  The shading and weapon graphics are some of the best we’ve ever seen, and I must commend Flying Dino with their skill.

Controls: The dual analog controls work very well in this game, and the way the the controls are layed out work very well.  Aiming and moving is definitely not a problem with this game, and you’ll find yourself actually fighting robots and not the controls.  The double tap to jet and single/double tap to shoot work very well, and I felt right at home with these controls.


Laggy: This is something that’s unacceptable in a multiplayer game.  I’ve played 30 people mayhem in DinoSmash Online with little or no lag at all, but iMech seems to lag when there’s more than 2 people in the arena.  I’ve tried playing the game on a 3GS and iPod Touch 2G also, and each device came up with the same results.  The iPhone 3GS actually lagged more than all my other devices, something that’s definitely not acceptable.

Offline Mode: Basically, you must have internet to play the game.  Sure you can play the Practice mode, but that’s not really an offline mode in the first place.  With multiplayer games that have extensive single player modes, iMech fails to deliver.  It would have been nice to include a single player mode like F.A.S.T. or Star Hogs does.

Repetitive: With only 5 weapons and most already given to you, the game just starts to get boring.  Multiplayer mayhem is fun and all, but when there’s no one playing, what are you going to do?  Also, leveling up in rank has no real purpose since each mech looks very similar in the ring.  I’m not sure if the rank 5 mech deals more damage than the rank 0 mech, but the game gets way too repetitive to find out.  With no real motivation, iMech fails to keep the player interested and only delivers a repetitive experience.

Disconnect: Even with full WiFi bars, I would get the disconnect signal every few seconds or so.  I’ve tested other multiplayer games and got no disconnect problems, but when it came to iMech,disconnects are very common.  I’m sure the lag and disconnects are all server issues, so three words: sort it out.

As much as I wanted to like iMech, I just can’t bring myself to like it.  With an expensive $2.99 price tag slapped on there, there just needs to be more than just a laggy online mode.  With games like F.A.S.T. that are priced $0.99, iMech needs to provide something more.  I felt iMech was a very incomplete experience that has so much potential but was slapped together without much thought.  Avoid the title for now until the multiplayer issues are ironed out and the developers add an offline mode.


iMech was developed by Flying Dino, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $2.99.



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5 thoughts on “iMech Review: Self-Destruct in One

  1. This game is supposed o be ONLY online. I doubt very much that the developer will add a single player element. As for repetitiveness I would have to disagree with you. I actually really enjoy playing this title, 5 weapons is pretty good especially for a $0.99 game (got it on sale). As I’m sure you’ve realized the developer will more than likely add more content with future up dates to the game. In fact the only point I agree with you on is the lag issue. That part does suck pretty hard.

  2. Even if it’s “only online”, there’s games out there like Star Hogs that are “only online” but have some offline player modes. For $0.99, I guess the game’s ok, but please note the game was reviewed when the price was $2.99.

    My main problem with the game is the lag, which shouldn’t be there. If it was an “only online” game, they should have focused on the online part of the game. Since there is no single player, the online part should have been tested over and over to prove that there’s no lag. Sadly, the laggy online clearly shows how they just rushed this product out.

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