First Screens of Madden 2010

UPDATE: EA Mobile has just released some information regarding Madden.  The iPhone version will include trading to make your own team along with stats and other cool features.  A new feature that sounds very cool is making your own play by drawing receiver routes; a feature we have never seen before even on the console version (Madden ’09).

EA Mobile has just released screenshots of Madden for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and while they are only screenshots, there’s a lot that can be deducted from them.  Personally, I think that NFL 2010 looks a lot better graphics-wise, and Madden does need some improvement in that department.

Control scheme looks very similar to that of NFL 2010, but instead of the game pausing and waiting for you to chose an action, the game seems to be all real-time.  The 6 control buttons on the right while running looks like they are buttons for spinning, juking right, juking left, etc.  Passing seems to work by tapping the receiver; red meaning not likely to catch and green meaning very likely to catch.  There should be very minimal differences between controls.

The roster for Madden seems to be very updated seeing that Michael Vick is playing for the Eagles and Brett Favre is playing for the Minnesota Vikings.  Of course, Gameloft has promised to update the rosters in their game NFL 2010, and if they do, Madden doesn’t really stand out in terms of players and updated rosters.

Graphics for Madden seem to be a lot worse than NFL, and it definitely needs some polish and some shine to it.  Right now, the screenshots look very dull and for lack of a better word ugly.  Sure it’s 3D and all, but the colors for the game definitely need to be improved in terms of brightness.  It’s a little disappointing to see the graphics in this shape, but of course, the game is always subject to change.

From the screenshots, it doesn’t look like Madden offers anything different or better than NFL 2010.  Of course, we’ll have to see how the game plays out, but the screenshots were a little disappointing for me.  Madden is rumored to be released in September, and a month is definitely a long time to improve the graphics and brighten up the atmosphere.  If the game is released for more than $4.99, it’s going to be hard to see which one rises to the top: the classic or the copy.



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3 thoughts on “First Screens of Madden 2010

  1. Wait seriously? The graphics in NFL 2010 are not good at all, and very rough around the edges. The player models in Madden are MUCH better and it looks to have a lot more polish than Gameloft’s half-assed rush job.

  2. I’ve been talking with a lot of other people, and the opinions seemed to be mixed. Personally, I thought that NFL 2010 had better graphics, but others thought Madden was a lot better.

    I’m guessing there’s this controversy because people just don’t see the same things since people are different. But yes, the player models in Madden are a little more crisp than NFL 2010.

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