A Quest of Knights Onrush Swooshes Into App Store

Last night, the promotional game A Quest of Knights Onrush was released onto the App Store for quite an expensive price, more than I was thinking it would be.  The game came out for $0.00, a very expensive price in my honest opinion.  Now enough with the sarcasm… Anyways, we reported A Quest of Knights Onrush was coming not too long ago, and it was meant to be a promotional game for their other castle defense game Knights Onrush.

A Quest of Knights Onrush uses the same characters in Knights Onrush and a “new gameplay mode” similar to that of Castle Crashers.  You jump forward fighting the oh-so-awesome looking monsters and try to survive as long as possible.  There are local highscores included in this version of the game, and if the free game proves popular enough, there is a possibility that there will be a full version with online highscores, improved AI, etc.

A Quest of Knights Onrush is definitely a very good free game, and it even comes included with Knights Onrush Lite.  The advertisements or promotions for Knights Onrush are not obtrusive at all, and it definitely sits very comfortably on my iPhone screen.  I suggest you go download it now and experience the sheer thrill of this game.

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