Touch KO Knocked Down To $0.99

When games worth more than the price are reduced even more, I feel somewhat sad.  Touch KO was knocked down from its original $2.99 price tag to $0.99, and there’s really no reason to not get it now.  I found Touch KO to be one of the best boxing experiences on the iPhone, and it’s actually one of the only ones that can boast being a boxing game.

We gave Touch KO a ‘Buy’ because of its extensive campaign/career mode and some of the best graphics on the iDevice.  While the game does have some performance issues, it’s definitely the best boxing game out there.  If you’re looking for a quick boxing fix, Touch KO doesn’t fail to deliver a full 3D boxing experience.

At $0.99, I can’t recommend it enough, and I really think you should buy this now.  A title as cool as this should be priced at atleast $4.99, and the quality is unsurpassed by any other boxing game.  If you haven’t caught any signs of my “go buy it now” attitude, I’ll just give it to you straight forward.  Go buy it now.

Version 1.1 is still awaiting approval, which adds a pause button, a hard mode for hardcore gamers, and other bug fixes.  Version 1.2 is in development and will include full body shots using a quadrant-like control method.  The sale price is only available until August 23, 2009, so grab it before the price goes right back up.

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