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EA Mobile has put almost all their games on sale this week including Need for Speed Undercover and The Sims 3.  Today, they have slashed the prices of both SimCity and Trivial Pursuit to the meager price of $2.99.  While the price itself is a little bit expensive, it’s definitely worth it for both those games.

While SimCity did have it’s performance issues, it’s definitely one of the more complete games on the iPhone.  EA Mobile has done a great job releasing some very polished games, and SimCity is one of them.  For $2.99, you get a whole city in your pocket, which is in my opinion, a great deal.  If you’re a fan of these “building cities” type of games, SimCity is definitely a game that will satisfy and deliver.

Trivial Pursuit is another game that went on sale today, the second itineration of their board game series along with Monolopy and The Game of Life Classic.  I personally enjoyed learning a lot from Trivial Pursuit, and the whole game delivered quite an experience.  $2.99 is definitely a steal for this game, and I didn’t encounter any performance issues or slowdowns on my 1st generation iPhone.  If you were considering Trivial Pursuit, I suggest you get it now before the price goes up (well, maybe).

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3 thoughts on “More EA Mobile Sales

  1. It’s interesting to note that since SimCity launched last December, it has never gone back up in price after a sale. All have been permanent price drops.

    10 -> 8 -> 6 -> 5 -> 3. I wonder if this will be permanent.

  2. I really like the Sim’s – EA is one developer that has been consistently good. The games run smoothly and the graphics and sound tracks are awesome.

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