The First Screens of Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim has been one of my most remembered games back in the day when portable game machines actually had AA batteries that needed to be replaced every once in a while.  Gameloft announced that Earthworm Jim was coming to the iPhone not too long ago, but we never received any screenshots or any other news.  Well today folks, the wait is over and Gameloft has released some iPhone screenshots of the game.

People who have played the game at Gamescom have said that while the game is visually very appealing, the controls still need a lot of work.  It seems like the game is still in its early beta stages, and I’m going to guess a mid-late September release.  If you’re a fan of Earthworm Jim, this should definitely be on your watch list.  Even if you like platform games in general, Earthworm Jim is just too awesome to skip.

That’s it for today folks.  The following games from Gameloft were announced/revealed today: Asphalt 5, Earthworm Jim, and Shrek Kart.


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