Snood Takes Aim at Bust-A-Move

Two similar bubble blaster games have launched in the last couple of days: EA Mobile’s Snood, and Taito’s Bust-A-Move.  Both of these games are new entries in established series’, with Bust-A-Move having an edge on name recognition.

If you’re not familiar, these games have balls stuck to the top of screen.  Your job is to shoot new colours from the bottom, upwards.  Once three of the same colours are in a row, they disappear.  The board needs to be cleared quickly, before it gets pushed to the bottom and the game ends.

Some notable features from Bust-A-Move is two control methods: tapping where you want to shoot, but also pulling back to aim and then fire.  Bust-A-Move also includes a versus mode to play a friend over Bluetooth.

Snood is available for $3.99, and Bust-A-Move for $4.99.  Look for reviews on both of these games on the site shortly!



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