Konami To Bring Krazy Kart Racer and Wire Way

Konami announced at GamesCon in Europe that they will be releasing Krazy Kart Racer to iPhone along with another well-known title.  While most of Konami’s games have gone down in the consumer’s mind as expensive and bad, we’ll just have to see how Krazy Kart Racer works out.

Krazy Kart Racer is very similar to Mario Kart or even Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D for the iPhone.  The game seems to revolve around multiplayer, and there will be support for 6 person local multiplayer and 5 additional single player modes.  The release version will also include 16 different tracks.  This game is slated for an August release, which isn’t too far away.

The other game that Konami is planning to bring is Wire Way, a game in where you play as Riley, the main character that’s suspended on the wire.  According to Pocketgamer, you must pull back your finger and try to get Riley to the next wire.  The game is said to be “extremely addictive”, but we have to get our hands on it before the final judgement.  This game is slated for a November release, which seems far away, but as the saying goes: time flies.

Here’s a video of Krazy Kart Racing on the iPhone, and please excuse all the German.

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