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Paul Hutson and his team of absolute geniuses have been working hard to bring their new MMO (massive multiplayer online) game Outer Empires.  While I’ve never played an online game like this, it’s definitely a new experience that I quite enjoy.  It’s hard to believe when people promise an MMO on the iPhone that’s not text-based, but I am here to assure you that this is a non-text based MMO.

In Outer Empires, you have the ability to do almost anything.  At first, you will find a jobs screen where you will chose which jobs to accomplish and whatnot.  Most of the jobs are just delivering some items from one station to another, and this can be accomplished by tapping on the location you want to go.  Once you progress through the game, there are other things you can do like mine, form guilds/factions, and other little things.  While I haven’t quite yet reached the mining/guild state, it’s definitely something that sounds fantastic.

The controls for the game work pretty well as there aren’t many complicated movements or gestures that need to be executed.  Simply tap the screen and press a big button to move, or you can just press on a designated location and your ship will go on “autopilot” to the designated location.  The iPhone version has translated the computer controls very well, and it doesn’t even feel different at all.

Outer Empires has some pretty hefty graphics, and while they aren’t as detailed as Assassin’s Creed or other high-end 3D games, it’s definitely more than adequate.  I would rather have a full MMO with okay graphics than a text-based MMO with beautiful menu designs.  On the browser, graphics are a little bit more detailed and stand out a little bit more, but other than that, the iPhone and web versions are about the same.  It never ceases to amaze me how an iPhone version of this MMO came to be, scaling down every planet to fit the iPhone’s screen is a feat that is unimaginable in my mind.

All in all, Outer Empires is definitely something you should look out for.  I believe the iPhone version will be free for users, and you will be able to level up to level 10 without paying a single penny.  Once you reach level 10, you will still be able to play and whatnot, but your level will not rise any more until you pay the meager $3.99 a month.  Personally, $3.99 a month is definitely one of the cheapest monthly prices I have ever encountered with an MMO, most go from $10-$13 a month.  Anywho, Outer Empires has been submitted to the App Store, and while you’re waiting, check out the browser version and make an account.

The browser version can be found here, and you will be able to create an account and start playing.  Also, check out the iPhone trailer below to get a feel for the game and how it will play.

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5 thoughts on “Hands-On With Outer Empires for iPhone

  1. Massive Multiplayer Disappointment

    This game showed early promise but has sadly fallen into a deep pit over the past year. It has been plagued by extremely frequent app crashes which the development team have been unable to resolve. This coupled with appalling browser lag, freezing, and numerous bugs have led to very many players losing ships to ‘lag death’. These ships take weeks of grinding to buy and compensation is rarely forthcoming.
    The grind is extremely repetitive and unsatisfying and the colony work is tedious in the extreme with very little reward due to the collapse of the in game economy secondary to ‘cash for points’ (see below).
    Many promises have been made concerning new content but very little is seen. Any changes are actually steps backwards ‘bandaid solutions’ which attempt (and fail) to reduce lag eg. reducing weapon firing speeds from 3 to 15 seconds.
    Another disturbing trend is the addition of ‘points’ to be bought (in addition to monthly subs) which can be exchanged for in-game items. The items very quickly become superseded and are therefore a huge waste of real life money. Sadly players are severely disadvantaged in-game if they don’t spend the extra cash.
    To top this all off there has been a worrying amount of developer interference and less than ethical activity. Two developers run the most powerful in game faction and have been seen to use their privileges to their own betterment and their opponent’s detriment.
    For the above reasons, and many others, players leave the game at an alarming rate and few new ones join – the player base is therefore extremely small and insular.
    If you are looking for a fun, fair and interesting game – Outer Empires is not for you.

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