Gold Keeper Review: Worth Its Weight In Gold

After being rejected two times in a row over a span of 2 months, Gold Keeper has finally been released onto the App Store via Digital Worlds.  Gold Keeper is a survival game, similar to that of iDracula and Zombieville, but all in 3D using the Unity 3D engine.  The story goes that you are a demon that must protect your treasure trove from greedy villagers who will try and steal your gold.  The game is over when your gold runs out or when your life bar goes all the way down to zero.

To control your character, simply move the onscreen joystick left or right.  There is also an attack button on the right hand side of the screen, and once your special attack bar fills up, a Chinese symbol will appear.  Tap on the Chinese symbol to execute your awesome special attack.  Controls work pretty well, and while I did find the joystick touch area to be a little small, I didn’t find myself fighting against the controls.


Graphics: The Unity 3D engine never ceases to please me, especially when it comes to iPhone games.  We’ve seen a bunch of Unity 3D tech demos on the iPhone, and most of them are translated into actual games.  Gold Keeper seems to be one of those games that looks like a tech demo, but plays like an actual, full-featured game.

Balance: Balance is absolutely crucial in games like these whether its Sparta or Zombieville.  The reason for Zombieville’s success was because of the wonderful gameplay balance.  Sparta on the other hand suffers from horrendous balance that’s uneven and still needs some work.  Gold Keeper stands right next to Zombieville in terms of gameplay balance, and I found Gold Keeper to increase in difficulty at the right times and upgrade your weapons at the right time.

Animations: While the animations do get old after a while, they’re definitely cool when you first start out with the game.  You’ll get those “OMG THAT WAS AWESOME” moments when playing this game and laugh in hysteria when you fling a guy right into your screen, making the screen simulate a crack.  I found the animations to be very well executed, and the movements are clear enough so that you can actually see if you hit someone or performed a special attack.


Slow: I can’t help but feel that my demon is a very slow demon.  Although I can see why he’s so slow,  I would have liked it if there was a sprint option or maybe even an option available so that the demon will be able to move faster.  As the game progresses, you start getting used to it, but when starting the game you can’t help but feel that your demon is a little slow.

Limited: A game like this is definitely limited with only 1 map, 3 types of soldiers, and 3 types of weapons.  This will keep you entertained for a $0.99 worth of fun, but in the end, you’ll start to realize the game isn’t made of much.  Don’t get me wrong, this game is really, really fun, but I do hope they add some more weapons like a giant sword or maybe even a halberd.

Gold Keeper is definitely a beautiful game with some beautiful gameplay balancing.  This game will keep you entertained for a while, and there will be those times when you’ll feel that the game is just awesome.  If you’re a guy like me and love Call of Duty and all those fighting games, this one will definitely appeal to you.  I would find myself showing my brother how I killed a soldier and how awesome I killed him, and I would also get some laughs out of this game.  If you’re looking for a game that you want to play in short periods, Gold Keeper is definitely something you should look into.


Gold Keeper was developed by Digital Worlds, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on an introductory sale for $0.99.



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