Atlantis Sky Patrol Review: Shoot for the Stars

Big Fish Games have been notoriously known for their awesome hidden object games including Yard Sale and Titanic: Hidden Expedition.  Well today, they have released a slightly different game from the rest called Atlantis Sky Patrol, a Zuma and/or Stoneloops of Jurassica clone.  The game features some pretty graphics and gives a polished look, but that’s not everything to an iPhone gamer… right?


Graphics: Graphics are far from mediocre, and they are one of the best I’ve ever seen in a match-3 game.  The graphics rival that of Stoneloops, and at times I feel that they are actually better.  The wonderful, 3D graphics in this game play a big part in this game, and I commend Big Fish Games for their skill in design.

Content: The game is not short on content at all featuring around 111 levels.  From what I have seen, each level is designed quite differently and although the backgrounds are more or less the same, the paths are noticeably different.  Each level has lasted me around 5-10 minutes, so you should be able to get around 10 hours of gameplay.

Soundtrack: One of the most important things that added to the gameplay in Stoneloops was the soundtrack.  The soundtrack was just so epic that I couldn’t help but be immersed into the game.  Atlantis Sky Patrol does a great job with providing some great music, and although it can’t beat Stoneloops quite yet, it still provides an immersive experience.


Font: I found the font to be very hard to read at times; either they were too small or way too scrunched together.  I guess if you look closely enough you’ll be able to read what it says, but otherwise, some buttons were very hard to read.  I suggest Big Fish Games to either change to font or enlarge it so that iPhone gamers can actually read what the game says.

Slowdowns: I did encounter some slowdowns on my 1st generation iPhone that’s still capable of handling high end graphics like Assassin’s Creed.  I encountered most of the slowdowns when coins or powerups started to fall, but other than that, the game ran pretty smoothly.  But again, these slowdowns do occur on 1st generation devices, and I have had some problems on my brother’s iPod Touch 2G also.

Atlantis Sky Patrol is a solid match-3 shooter with some flaws here and there that aren’t too major.  The slowdowns were probably caused by the game using a little bit too much memory, and the font is something that can be fixed.  Graphics are absolutely gorgeous, controls are great, and content is plenty.  If you’re a Stoneloops fan at all, this is definitely a hearty recommendation from us to you.  This is probably the best marble shooter out there right next to Luxor, but casual gamers should be satisified with StoneLoops as there aren’t many noticeable differences.


Atlantis Sky Patrol was developed by Big Fish Games, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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