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EA Mobile Sales Roundup

EA Mobile has been a big player in the iPhone market, and some of their premium titles have just gone on sale.  The full list includes Need for Speed Undercover ($4.99), The Sims 3 ($6.99), and Wolfenstein RPG ($2.99).  I’ve played pretty much all these titles, and I can recommend all of them.  All three are high quality games with some great content and great graphics.  Of course, this is Electronic Arts we’re talking about, so your expectations should be high.

This sale seems to be a permanent sale for these games, so it doesn’t exactly matter if you buy it now than later.  Most of their games have stayed at $4.99, but we’ve even seen some like Spore Origins drop to $0.99.

If you can’t choose between the three, I highly suggest picking up Need for Speed because $4.99 is the best deal you will ever get.  If you’re into The Sims 3, I recommend you grab that but I did encounter some performance issues in the release version, and the game didn’t really appeal to me as much as it did to others.  Wolfenstein RPG falls close behind Need for Speed, and quality is unmatched.  If you’re a fan of the Wolfenstein series, or even first-person shooters at all, Wolfenstein RPG is the one for you.

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